Our Services

Icarus Engineering Services was founded upon the values of hard work, honesty and integrity. Each of our highly qualified, intelligent team members personify these values in all that they do. It is because of this that our team can provide a level of service that is one-of-a-kind. Each and every member of our small team works hard to develop a personal relationship with our clients so that we can better provide the most personalized service.

residential engineers

Residential Projects

Our engineers know how important it is to make a house into a home. Whether it is building a new structure, remodeling an existing structure, making an addition, or developing a subdivision our priority is to provide the engineering services necessary to complete the project in a safe and efficient way that suits each customer’s specific needs and desires. 

Commercial Projects

Our commercial services here at Icarus Engineering are focused on making each project the most efficient.

commercial engineers
drafting engineers

Drafting Projects

Our Engineers offer professional drawings which can be used in a number of different formats for all of your engineering projects

Mining Projects

Mining is a specialized field that faces unique challenges. Each of our engineers is educated in mining engineering and as such we understand the needs and priorities of the mining industry. We focus our effort on producing the safest, most efficient designs, from which productivity and profit can be maximized.

Mining engineers
hydro engineers

Hydraulic Projects

We offer Hydrology or Hydraulic Engineering Services such as Design and Analysis for all of your projects.

Land Surveying Projects

Land surveying is one of the fundamental data collection tools involved in any project. A land survey allows for the mapping of existing topography, structures, water bodies, and properties which provides the necessary information to determine design aspects of each project such as structure size and location, surface hydrology, utility connections and avoidance, and overall scope of work.

Mining engineers