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About Our Story &
Team of Engineers

Icarus Engineering Services is a young team of Civil Engineers who offer to provide the highest engineering services quality products to our clients in a timely and efficient manner.


We were established in March of 2020 among the COVID-19 pandemic, which taught us the importance of personal and group safety, increased our compassion for those around us reinforced our attitude toward health, and made us realize even more fully that time is precious.

Icarus Engineering Services was founded upon the values of hard work, honesty, and integrity. Each of our highly qualified, intelligent engineering team members personifies these values in all that they do. It is because of this that our team can provide a level of service that is one-of-a-kind. Each and every member of our small team works hard to develop a personal relationship with our clients so that we can better provide the most personalized service.

We know that companies, developers, and individuals are looking for engineers that can meet their individual needs and project requirements. We understand that this takes time, and we are driven to put in as much time as needed to ensure that each client is pleased with the products we provide.

Our staff members have hands-on experience in the areas of construction, mining, and land surveying which allows us to know what is needed to get the job done, and how to get the job done right. We use every ounce of our experience to ensure that each project progresses smoothly from start to finish. That way there are fewer opportunities for costly problems to arise.

Every project’s success hinges on the budget and schedule. Here at Icarus Engineering Services, we understand the difficulties and pitfalls involved in the construction process and work tirelessly to be meticulously efficient in our planning and execution. Quality work right out of the gate sets the project up to succeed.

We know that when our clients win, we win.

Our team

Steve Miller

Steve Miller

Senior Engineer

Steve Miller is a registered professional engineer with 41 years of diverse engineering experience.  He graduated Cum Laude from the University of Utah, with a BS in Mining Engineering.  His roles have spanned the mining, manufacturing, and civil land development industries. He finds in civil engineering work very rewarding, but he also has a small farm in central Utah which requires some attention. When not working, he finds enjoyment with his wife and family, especially his grandchildren.

Trey Campbell

Trey Campbell

Engineer in Training (E.I.T) + Surveyor in Training (S.I.T)

Trey Campbell is an engineer in training (EIT) and surveyor in training (SIT) working toward both PE and PLS licenses. Trey’s educational background includes an A.S. in pre-engineering and a A.A.S. in geomatics from Utah Valley University, a B.S. in mining engineering from the University of Utah, and he is currently working on a P.M.S.T. in natural resource management from the University of Utah.Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, watching movies and rock climbing. He might be found working with his hands building furniture and restoring cars on any given day when he has a spare minute.

Frank Musser

Frank Musser

Engineer in Training (E.I.T)

Frank Musser is an EIT working to get his PE license. He graduated with honors from the University of Utah, with a BS in Mining Engineering. Throughout his career, he has worked in the explosives industry, aggregates and asphalt, and various construction fields, including framing, plumbing, excavating, concrete and more. He enjoys working with people and solving problems. In his off time can be found with his wife and dog, hiking, climbing, or doing who knows what else.

Why you should hire us over other engineers

Our company is special. We have a variety of engineers with different backgrounds. This unique combination of seasoned licensed professionals and excited younger engineers allows us to be both efficient yet versatile, attack every type of project, and utilize emerging technology. We are excited about the work that we do and this excitement will be reflected in not only the quality of our work but also in our bottom line.

As a young company, we are hungry for opportunities. Opportunities to expand our network, to meet new challenges, to increase our scope, and to become the best engineers we can be. We are willing to do the work. Period. We will do our best to tackle any project, and if we come up against something that we don’t know the answer to we know the people that do. We are honest and straightforward about our capabilities and as such, each client can rest assured that if we say we can do something, we can.

In any industry poor communication is the downfall of many projects, big or small. In today’s world with the technology that we have available this is not acceptable. At Icarus Engineering Services we communicate the good, the bad, and the ugly to our clients because we know that these projects affect the livelihood of those we work with. We will find and utilize the method of communication that works best for each of our clients individually.