Drafting Engineering Services

We offer professional drawings which can be used in a number of different formats for all of your engineering projects.

In many cases a design, idea, or layout is best conveyed through a drawing. Our experienced draftsmen can help you create professional drawings that can be distributed in any number of formats using our various computer aided drafting (CAD) software.

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Mining Engineering Services

Mining is a specialized field that faces unique challenges. Each of our engineers is educated in mining engineering and as such we understand the needs and priorities of the mining industry.


Residential Engineering Services

Whether it is building a new structure, remodeling an existing structure, making an addition, or developing a subdivision our priority is to provide the engineering services necessary to complete the project in a safe and efficient way that suits each customer’s specific needs and desires.


Hydrology Engineering Services

We examine precipitation, surface runoff, retention areas, groundwater, rivers, streams, and more to meet the needs of our customers. Our engineers have experience with runoff hydrology, jurisdictional dams, floodplain delineations, and more.

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