Rates for Engineerings Services
By: Icarus Engineers
June 15, 2021
rates for engineering services

Have you ever wonder how much hiring an engineer would be?

We go over basic ranges for rates for engineering services. Rates of course can vary from project, location, and size of home or project, but this should give you a starting point.

As we know, structural engineers are vital in the home building process. Understanding what they do and what their rates are is an important step in hiring an engineer. As a home buyer, builder, or renovator, you need to focus on budget and where to best place your funds. Oftentimes, we neglect to hire professionals because of funding, and most people are quick to use family members or friends, despite lack of experience or expertise. So whether or not either of these situations applies to you, hiring a structural engineer is in your best interest.

If you are renovating or building, you could be looking at hiring an engineer anywhere from $100 to $250 an hour, or if you’re looking at an overall budget, it could be from 1% to 25% of the proposed budget. If you’re financing the home with traditional loans, you may want to make sure they cover a professional like a structural engineer. If not, you will need to budget yourself for one if that’s the route you choose. Once again, they are vital to the home building process, so we definitely recommend that you do hire one. 

Obviously, rates can vary from project, location, and size of the home or project. As noted previously, structural engineers either take care of or work with contractors, drafters, foundation companies, and more. They often take care of the permits and city regulations throughout the building or renovation process. 

According to Angi’s List, rates for engineering services depend on a project could range:

  • Inspection costs and report: $200–$750
  • Price per hour: $100–$200
  • Price per square foot: $0.25–$2 
  • Engineering design costs: $800–$3,000
  • New Construction: 1–4% of construction costs
  • Renovations: 8–20% of renovation costs

Call us to schedule a consultation to see what we can help you on, whatever the project might be. Then we can give an accurate cost analysis based on our area and project.

Icarus Engineering is a full-service Civil Engineering firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We offer services for Residential and Commercial Projects, such as Structure Design, Site Design, Utilities Design, Additions, Drainage Analysis, and Retaining Walls. We also provide Hydraulic Design, Mining Design, Drafting, and Land Surveying services. 

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