Can Hybrid Turf End Erosion?
By: Icarus Engineers
April 30, 2021
hybrid turf

What is Hybrid Turf? Hybrid turf takes the best characteristics of natural grass and artificial grass with extends the life and the durability of the turf.

Calpine Corp, in eastern Pennsylvania, is the nation’s largest generator of electricity from natural gas and geothermal resources. The area around their plant has plenty of slopes, grassy areas, and woodlands, which has caused some land problems. Last year, workers had to dig up sections, for the pipe repair, which has led to the deterioration of the land. 

Calpine’s Bethlehem Energy Center needed a way to block erosion, but they needed a solution that would be on the top of the soil. ACF Environmental, who works with geosynthetics, erosion control, and stormwater management suggested options for the existing damage and future damage the erosion could cause.

The solution: a Hybrid Turf Instant Armor Mat made with created turf called ShearForce10 which will help with erosion protection and permanent slope stabilization. 

The process includes making sure the surface is flat, seeding before placement, pinning the Hybrid Turf into the ground, and then allowing natural, seeding vegetation to grow into the turf, which will strengthen the armor mat over time. This instant armor mat creates an immediate barrier against erosion, and it will maintain the barrier as the plants grow up through the created turf. The maintenance for the ShearForce10 is easy because the vegetation will grow through the turf, and the energy center crew can mow the turf like any lawn, making it long-lasting. 

ShearForce10 is a product of St. Louis-based Grassworx.

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