Continued: What are Mineral Engineers?
By: Icarus Engineers
July 30, 2021
mineral engineers

Mineral Engineers Photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash

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Dam safety and design are just other incredible jobs mineral engineers have.

They evaluate the opportunity for dams, both above and below the ground. They have to take into account the ground behavior as well. Maintaining as little of a disturbance as possible. Dams have many challenges, much like tunneling and designing airshafts. Mineral engineers look at sedimentation, topography, and the volume of water the dam will hold. Engineers then decide on the design, layout, and building materials they will use. Tailing dams are dams designed to store byproducts of mining. These are crucial to the mining process; however, the current trend of these tailing dams is located upstream. Effective as they may be, they are currently creating some negativity because workers construct them from the mining waste (disturbed dirt, mud, rocks, etc.) which proves to be less structurally safe. Mineral engineers are continually learning and evaluating the best methods for the safe design and implementation of dams. 

Besides the design of all things dirt and mining, mineral engineers help design and create the on-site structures for the mines.

These structures can include offices, mills, pump houses, equipment and stockpile storage, etc. These buildings need to be in safe areas, away from poor ground behavior, explosions, drilling, etc. where hazardous activities occur. Mineral engineers help companies in designing and implementing their on-site building needs.

Subsidence is the gradual caving or sinking of the land. Mineral engineers design, plan, and monitor subsidence to avoid possible issues. These engineers create various studies and mapping of the area for the mine, looking at the topography and ground behavior. They can use different types of equipment to gain a better perspective on the potential movement and can analyze if it will be a vertical or horizontal movement, a tensile or comprehensive strain, or a tilt or curvature. This information helps determine the overall planning and design of the mine. Mineral engineers continually monitor the subsidence even after the mine is established. These engineers work hard providing surveys and studies to make sure mine workers are safe, and that the workers can continue safely on the project.  

Mineral engineering is a specialized field that many people don’t know much about. It’s a vital part of our world, bringing about new and exciting opportunities within the Earth. These engineering experts focus on creating and designing the safest and most efficient mining opportunities.

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