Drawing Attention to CADs
By: Icarus Engineers
August 31, 2021

CAD Photo by Kumpan Electric on Unsplash

We discussed the drafting software CADs, and they have come a long way since their beginning in the mid-1970s.

Drafting and detailing plans used to be a tedious process, with each department making changes, some erasing designs necessary to another agency. With multiple issues occurring and projects taking longer than necessary, the evolution of drafting began. 

Thanks to file sharing, drafting engineers can share, modify, and collaborate with the ease of a few buttons. Not only has this allowed fewer mistakes, thus increasing productivity and completion, but it’s also allowed for easy presentations through animation. Not only can each department/industry present their ideas and plans for plumbing, electrical, etc., but they can present these options to investors and builders. It’s a way for real-time change and project implementation.

These 3D animations showcase what the draftsman created and can be pretty extensive.

These can include the design elements like colors, furniture, fixtures, etc. The animations can show property flyovers as if they were done with drones or other aerial equipment. The most innovative feature that many CADs can offer now, is a real-time walk-thru. This feature allows investors and builders the opportunity to see how clients would use the building, its features, etc. If there are structural issues, this feature will help the draftsman see and modify any issues before the creators finalize the blueprints. 

As for the future of CADs? Virtual reality is quickly becoming an option. The advancement of technology has changed CAD, but all for the better, and virtual reality will heighten the CAD experience. Thanks to this innovative technology, investors and businesses will be able to experience the blueprints in real-time and feel as though they are walking in their future building. They will be able to open doors, test lights or other features, and even sit down on the furniture. As for now, drafting engineers are thankful for the nifty software.

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