Why your business needs a commercial engineer
By: Icarus Engineers
June 30, 2021
commercial engineer

A commercial engineer is a term to describe engineers who work for different companies in all areas such as product and project development, mechanical engineering needs, management implementation, and more. Commercial engineers can carry out a variety of tasks, making sure companies are well set.

Product and project development:

Engineers wear many hats. A commercial engineer makes sure that projects are done correctly and products well represent the business’s needs. They will collaborate with industry experts to make sure the project runs smoothly and on time. These engineers focus on everything from lighting design, safety and regulations, structure and sustainability needs, etc. If they, themselves cannot do it, they will seek out the right people to allow the business’s project to further develop. 

Mechanical engineering needs:

Most commercial engineers are well-versed in mechanical needs like HVAC and plumbing designs, to allow for a proper design process. They typically understand industrial and commercial ventilation, for daily needs, as well as epidemic preparedness needs. Commercial engineers work to understand and design with mechanical needs in mind. They can access and analyze, often with 3D scanning equipment, potential pipe stressors, energy issues, and other mechanical challenges.  

Management implementation: 

Often, these engineers are the project managers, making sure each step of the process is correct and well-managed. This can include construction management, scheduling, contract and bidding negotiation, project commissioning, and final project closeout. Commercial engineers are often for commercial projects, of course, for bigger companies and businesses, which means they manage more subprojects and more third-party individuals. They help create and establish the design of franchises and corporate offices, too. 

A Commercial engineer play an important part in project implementation and creation. They make sure to tie up any loose ends so that the company can thrive.

Call us to schedule a consultation to see what we can help you on, whatever the project might be. Then we can give an accurate cost analysis based on our area and project.

Icarus Engineering is a full-service Civil Engineering firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We offer services for Residential and Commercial Projects, such as Structure Design, Site Design, Utilities Design, Additions, Drainage Analysis, and Retaining Walls. We also provide Hydraulic Design, Mining Design, Drafting, and Land Surveying services. 

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